John Wayne Airport Services

John Wayne Airport has plenty of services to accommodate their passengers while waiting for their flight.

Within the Terminals you can find food & drink and leisure services such as restaurants, cafés, shops, etc.

Some of the services offered are:

- Toilets
- Information counters
- Elevators
- Escalators
- Baggage Claim
- Baggage Carts
- Baggage Claim Offices
- US Customs and Border Protection
- Baby care rooms
- ATMs
- Wheel-chair renting service
- ATMs
- Baggage claim
- Escalators
- Art Exhibitions
- Baggage carts
- Elevators
- Pay phones
- Telecommunication machines for deaf people
- Airport Security Office
- Baggage claim offices
- Toilets
- Information counters
- Ground Transportation Centre
- Wheelchair rental service
- Bob Hope USO
- Currency Exchange
- Electric Power Outlets
- Animal Relief Area
- Phone cards provider service

Information counters

You can find Airport information booths in the first level of the terminal building. Assistance to travellers by the ambassadors or “red coats” is provided. Find them in the second level.

Bob Hope USO

John Wayne Airport offers on Terminal B several amusement services to troops and military retirees. Opening hours: From 6:00 am to 10:00 pm every day.


Find plenty of ATMs throughout all airport terminals.

Baby care rooms

There is a baby care room at Terminal B specially equipped to feed, change diaper or breastfeed your baby.

Animal Relief Area

If you are travelling with either pets or family, there are available in the Airport on the first level outside Terminal A, outside Terminal C and on the secure side of the main terminal nearby Gates 12 and 13 Animal Relief Areas.

Telecommunication machines for deaf people

Find at either Terminal A & B special machines for deaf people.

US Customs and Border Protection

At Terminal C find the US Customs and Border Protection FIS (Federal Inspection Service) for international flights. There are also Global Entry kiosks for registered users just to fasten the process.