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John Wayne Airport Terminals

John Wayne Airport is the main airport serving the Orange County. It serves as an alternative to the overcrowded Los Angeles Airport, since is located 35 miles south of Los Angeles. It hosts either domestic and international flights.

The airport has a main passenger terminal called Thomas F. Reilly Terminal. Under the same roof, you can find the 3 airport terminals: Terminal A, Terminal B and Terminal C. 

About the Terminal name: The main Terminal name, Thomas F. Reilly, was named in honor of the 57th Massachusetts Attorney General and former American politician. 

The Terminal resembles an airplane fuselage: vaulted ceilings and large windows features the runway. 

Transfer between Terminals

To transfer between terminals there is the Ground Transportation Centre. You can take a walk to get to any of them, since they are not far away from each other. Also, there are free shuttle buses which takes from either Terminals A, B and C.

Additionally, there is a free shuttle bus service from the Main Street Parking to Thomas F. Reilly Terminal. Pick-up locations: first level, at Ground Transportation Centre, in front of Terminal C. 


The main terminal building has two levels:

- Level 1: Arrivals level: Hosts the US customs, baggage services and also the Ground Transportation Centre. Other services offered: shuttle buses to parking, airport hotel, car rental offices, taxi lines and Disneyland Resort Express.

- Level 2: Departures level: It hosts the airline ticket counters, security screening, access to A gates, 1 to 8, B gates 9 to 14, and C gates 15 to 21. Other available services: retail stores, restaurants, cafés and work stations.

Terminals A & B

They are adjacent terminals which hosts boarding gates 1 to 8 (Terminal A), and 9 to 14 (Terminal B). It serves the following airlines: Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Connection and WestJet Airlines. The two Terminals went undergoing improvement works through Spring 2018.

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Terminal C

Terminal C hosts boarding gates 15 to 22 (gates 22A, 22B and 22C). Just serves flights of a couple of airlines, Frontier Airlines and Southwest Airlines.

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Throughout John Wayne Airport you can find permanent and seasonal art exhibitions by local and regional artists. 

Outside, at the airport’s entrance, there is a John Wayne statue made of bronze.